Advanex Shanghai win three Awards for the financial year 2016

Over the past few weeks several of our customers have been awarding their suppliers for their performance in the financial year 2016. Advanex have performed admirably in these awards all around the globe, with the news of victories and certifications coming from several members of our global network.

Advanex Shanghai have been awarded by three seperate customers for their performance in 2016. The first award was the ‘Best Delivery Performance Award’ from Tsubakimoto, an automotive supplier.

The other two awards were based on the fantastic quality our customers received from our products. Calsonic Kansei, another large automotive company, and TRCW, a large industrial company both recognised Advanex Shanghai as their best performing supplier for quality.

We would like to congratulate everyone at Advanex Shangahi on the hard work that has gone into achieving these awards. Our aim is to continue to exceed our customers requirements and win more of these awards.