The Grand Opening of our Saitama (Japan) Factory on the 22nd November 2016


On the 22nd of November 2016, we held the opening ceremony of our new Japanese Factory in Saitama. Around 50 guests consisting of customers, suppliers and construction companies joined us to celebrate the grand opening.

During the ceremony our President and COO Steven Shibano made a speech to show the companies appreciation for all the support and cooperation of everyone involved in the completion of the Saitama Factory. Afterwards, the main guests of the event gave congratulatory speeches to the company. After these were completed the tape could finally be cut!

After the opening ceremony everyone was given a complementary plant tour of all the new facilities. Celebrations were then moved to a nearby hotel. It was here that CEO Paul Kato made a speech to explain the concept of the Saitama Factory and what it meant to the business.

Advanex would like to congratulate everyone in the success of this project!